Moved to my own server. Special thanks to Java for recovering the old domain!

Autism Archive 3.0

Autism Archive 3.0

Down with censorship!

Autism Archive is an archive collecting logs and screenshots of drama, autism, and things I find funny.

It was originally created on 11/21/18 but was takendown by the jews and dicksuckers at Epic Dedi(s) just a day after on 11/22/18. On that same day, we switched hosts and now Autism Archive 2.0 was on it's new home at Java's hard drive!

But then, after ScaaarVen0m22, better known as Andrew Doston or TheTechWiz25, was exposed for being a sick fuck, he purged and off of java's hard drive and got the domain removed, but because we weren't retarded, we were able to recover the goodshit data and we have moved it to my (sn0w's) PC. This is Auitsm Archive 3.0! Enjoy!


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